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Many people continuously battle to make tasty, healthy meals that are also beneficial for your waistline. Making healthful food enticing to eat is a challenge for many home cooks. And many people mistakenly believe that only junk food tastes nice and that healthy food would always bland, unappetizing, and have a sadder appearance on the plate. Numerous things can be construed as healthy eating. For some of us, it’s as easy as setting up a healthy dinner in front of the family. Others may imply adding more low-carb meals or dishes made from plants to our weekly menus. (Also read: Eating healthy on a budget )

Vatche Shakarian, Weight Loss Coach, suggested five tips to make healthy meals taste great in his recent Instagram post.

1. Add spices and seasonings

You do not have to eat plain, boring meals if your goal is to eat healthier. You can add spices and seasonings to your meals. Garlic, salt, fresh herbs, salt, pepper, etc. the list goes on. If you aren’t enjoying your meals, spices and seasonings go a long way. Don’t be afraid to use that spice rack.

2. Add low-calorie sauces

Nowadays, there are many low-calorie sauces or alternatives in the grocery store. For example, instead of using regular barbeque sauce, you can opt for a sugar-free barbeque sauce that will be much lower in calories. Also, there are many low-calorie condiments out there that can make your meals taste amazing. Mustard, hot sauce, salsa, buffalo sauce, sriracha, etc.

3. Roast/bake your veggies

If you are getting tired of plain and steamed veggies, try roasting or baking your veggies. Giving those veggies a nice char can really help with flavour. If you have an air fryer, you can toss some veggies in a try with a dash of olive oil and salt to make some delicious veggies. Also, adding in some onions/garlic/herbs can help bring out a lot of flavours.

4. Use some fat sources

Fat sources are higher in calories, but that’s okay because a little bit goes a long way. Adding in some olive oil, nut butter, avocado, seeds, or nuts can go a long way to make a dish taste much better. It’s something to be mindful of, and healthy fats are super important for your health. Try having a small portion of healthy fats with each meal, and watch yourself actually enjoy what you’re eating.

5. Some citrus goes a long way

Adding some citrus to your meal can help make it more flavorful. For example, if you are having a meal that contains fish, squeeze some lemon in that sucker. Or, if you are having a salad, you could try adding some lime juice to help bring out the flavour. If you are having a stir fry, try adding some orange zest to it along with some sriracha for a sweet and spicy combo.

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